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In addition to offering patrol services and investigations, we also have our very own licensed training school. Not only does our school train our officers at the highest level possible, we also train other patrol companies and employees.

We train and help license an average of 250 new security officers per year. Our training staff has the luxury to select the best students for positions with our company.

Our training facility is licensed by the State of California and our instructors are licensed to teach: firearms, baton, CPR, first aid, weaponless defense, and all courses required for security officers under Business and Professions Code 7583.6.

To visit our training school website, visit South District Training Academy by clicking here.

South District Training Academy
1740 E. Garry Ave, Suite 115
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(866) 455-6118 
License TFF1268, TFB1168
Above - Inside one of our training rooms.