Please complete the below quote application so that we may provide you with a quick and accurate quote for services. If you have any questions, you may contact us during the day to speak to a supervisor in our sales division. If you have multiple locations that need service, you can email Greg at gjurek@sdpatrol.org and include the addresses and specific duties for each location.
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Our staff members would like to tour the property first before submitting a proposal. Do you give our staff permission to enter the property to conduct a brief survey (this will be done discreetly)?
Vehicle Patrol - A marked patrol vehicle an uniformed officer will patrol at random times throughout a patrol shift. Example: A patrol vehicle is assigned to make 3 random patrol checks of the property between 9pm and 5am.
On-Site Officer - A uniformed officer is assigned to a property for a specified period. Exampled: An officer will be assigned to the property from 8am and 4am and will be assigned only to the specified property (billed on an hourly basis).
Dedicated Vehicle - A marked vehicle is assigned to a specific property, more commonly large communities or businesses. Example: Uniformed patrol officers and a marked patrol car are assigned to a Home Owner Association 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The vehicle is assigned solely to one client.
For VEHICLE PATROL requests: The maximum random vehicle patrols per shift is generally four (4) patrols per shift. Exeptions can be made under special conditions. Logisitcally, a patrol vehicle can only provide a set number of patrols during a specified shift. Please list how many vehicle patrols you request on specif days (i.e. Mon-Sun, 3 vehicle patrols per night; OR Mon-Thu 3 patrols, Sat-Sun 4 patrols per night, etc.).
How many patrols are you requesting?
For ON-SITE OFFICER/DEDEICATED VEHICLE requests: A uniformed security officer can be assigned to a single location for a specific period. List the schedule you need (i.e. I need one officer from 8pm-4am 7 days a week; OR I need two officers Mon-Fri from 7pm-3am, etc.)
What's your scheduling needs?
OTHER DUTIES: List any specific duties for the property. This will give us a better understanding of what you expect. Additionally, our staff will meet with you to discuss other specifi duties in full detail for our officer's post orders.
BUDGET: This section is optional. However, we may be able to provide better services or alternate services other than what you request based on your budget. You do not have to disclose your budget if you do not feel comfortable doing so. We may also be able to meet or beet your current patrol company's rates if provided to us. Again, this is optional.
Vehicle Patrol
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Vehicle Patrol / On-Site Officer
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