Privacy Policy

South District Patrol records the information of all persons entering this site. This information will not be released to the public and is only logged for security reasons. This information may be used for investigations of any unlawful attempt to alter or perform any other malicious activity related to this site. Some of the information that is logged is the visitors IP Address, Service Provider (AOL, MSN, COX, etc.), Date/Time visited, the time the visitor spent on each page and any malicious attempts to alter or access the site.

Other areas of this site may require the visitor to provide personal information, such as employee address change, etc. This information is confidential and will only be released to management for appropriate changes in records. All information submitted must be verified by cross referencing current employee records. This to assure that the employee is the one submitting personal information changes. This includes vacation requests, payroll issues and any other electronic transmittals sent to Orange District Public Safety.

There are certain areas that are restricted to authorized personnel of South District Patrol and requires password authentication. Any unlawful attempt to access, or unauthorized access is prohibited.


South District Patrol  is not a law enforcement agency nor do we intend to represent ourselves as such. All seals, logos and other emblems are used on this site for visual aids. South District Patrol does not sponsor or represent any company or agency whose links are associated with this site and is not responsible for the content of those site. All links on this site are for the personal use of each visitor as a tool to provide information to the visitor.

South District Patrol provides training schedules and upcoming events for our employees. This information is subject to change at any time. It is the employees responsibility to confirm any appointment he or she may have before the date of such activities or training. The dates and times on this site are for reference only and the employees area supervisor should be contacted before any activity or training is attended.

South District Patrol is not responsible for information posted on the Guest Book as well as conversations in this site's Chat Room. We will do everything in our power to filter out negative or vulgar remarks which are prohibited. All postings are subject to review by the Webmaster and may be removed for any reason.

This site provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that is available for view to the public. South District Patrol reserves the right to not post any question submitted for any reason. The FAQ page is designed to assist visitors in receiving answers for questions they may have without having to contact South District Patrol.

All persons visiting this site agree and understand the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. By entering this site the visitor agrees and understands the above information.